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Join Kid Governor for a Historic Announcement — Wednesday Feb 18th

In one year she’s gone far… really far!   One year ago this week, California’s First Kid Governor took office with an important agenda: to put kids first!  Over the last 12 months she’s traveled the state talking to Californians of all ages – from our littlest learners to our elected leaders – about the early education kids need to be successful.

Now, the big day is here.  California’s Kid Governor is coming back to the Capitol steps where she made her start a year ago, with a big announcement.  Get a preview of Kid Governor’s big news here: Kid Governor Special Address Video.

With your help, Kid Governor has been so successful connecting with Californians about what early education means, our adult leaders are taking notice.

That’s right, California’s Kid Governor will stand alongside her pal, adult Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León as he introduces the Raising Child Care Quality and Accessibility Act. The bill is a comprehensive approach that strengthens our early learning system, expands access, and gives child care providers a voice so they can advocate for the parents and kids they partner with to bust achievement gaps and beat back poverty.

Over the past year, you’ve been with Kid Governor every step of the way on her historic campaign.  

  • You’ve let us into your homes to see how the lack of quality, affordable child care holds moms back from the good jobs they need to lift their families out of poverty.
  • You’ve shared your first-hand experience of how early learning readies California kids to soak up the knowledge and experiences K-12 education offers.
  • And you’ve stood side by side with the child care providers who are a lifeline for struggling families, making your commitment to include them in the conversation about how to make our child care system work for California families and our economy.

That’s why Kid Governor wants to invite you to be with her as she launches the next phase of her campaign.

Join us on the South Steps of California’s State Capitol on Wednesday, February 18th  at 10AM, or tune in on Twitter@KidGovernor and @RaisingCA to follow her announcement.

Wednesday’s announcement is just the beginning – Kid Governor is going to need your help to get the Raising Child Care Quality and Accessibility Act to adult Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.   So stay tuned!

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