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Kitchen Roundtable: Representative Barbara Lee

A national movement is growing. Today, Representative Barbara Lee met with family child care provider Pamela Sharp to call for a strong national early education and care system.

Rep. Lee’s trip put a spotlight the urgent need to build a child care system that works for everyone.

Rep. Lee led story time with 7 of Pam’s child care kids. Sirrel, age 4, taught her everything there is to know about ostriches and many other animals in the animal encyclopedia. Then, Kelsey and Kailee Clark, aged 7 and 11, shared with the Congresswoman what they were reading in their summer reading list.

Representative Lee then participated in a kitchen roundtable talk with Pam, one of her parents, a Head Start teacher from the City of Oakland and Rich Winefield, Executive Director of BANANAS. Congresswoman Lee lauded Pam for the blending of early education into her child care. She also spoke about her experience as a single mom, noting how difficult it was for her to find quality care but that when she did, her sons benefited greatly because of it.

Rep. Lee showed her support for all child care workers to earn at least $15 per hour and about the need to end disparities in discipline for children of color in preschool settings across the country.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos from the day and make sure to check in with SEIU Kids First for similar events all across the country!

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