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“My family child care let this Navy veteran get back on her feet”

In our sixth installment of Beyond the Brink: The Impact of California’s Broken Child Care System, we hear from family child care provider Lori Christie from San Diego. Lori’s story highlights just how important reliable child care is for working parents. Read more below:

I remember a mother who brought her son to my daycare when he was six years old. The mom was a disabled Navy veteran who was trying to finish school and become a teacher to provide a better life for her child. I found out they were homeless, which can be hard on anyone – especially a young child. I had to do something, so I allowed them to stay with my family while they got on their feet.

When her son was in my home, playing and learning, I was able to monitor his emotional wellbeing, and be there for him when he needed it. She has since gotten married, and she’s financially stable enough to make the choice to stay at home with her children. Child care allowed her to weather a tough time against all odds, and her son remains the brilliant child he was when he first came through my doors.

Child care providers work with children who have diverse emotional, educational, and developmental needs. Child care providers need SB 548 that we have a real voice so that we can advocate for better training and improve our program so that we can address all of these needs and continue to provide California’s children with the quality care and education they deserve.

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