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Looking for that perfect gift for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day?

Happy Provider Appreciation Day!

Provider Appreciation Day is a time to honor a critical link in California’s economy – the early educators who open young minds to the possibilities of learning and prepare their brains for future success.

This Provider Appreciation Day, let’s give child care workers the best gift ever: investing and strengthening our child care and early education system!

The Raising California Together coalition calls on California’s leaders to do more than honor these dedicated women once a year, but to take steps to help them survive now and provide for their future. Here are 5 policy proposals we are committed to fighting for this year:

  • $800 million Legislative Women’s Caucus budget request to rebuild child care infrastructure and expand child care access to thousands of children, with a priority on ages 0-3.
  • AB 2150 (Santiago) to stabilize a family’s child care subsidies for 12 months so parents won’t have to worry about becoming ineligible for child care if they lose their job or take an extra work shift.
  • SB 1420 Occupational Health and Safety Training. Would require child care caregivers to receive training on occupational safety and health, including ways to identify and avoid risks from toxic chemicals, illness, stress and physical hazards. 
  • AB 2133 (Chu)Establishes an appeals process so that family child care providers have a fair and transparent process for resolving pay or other disagreements with third party payment agencies.
  • $15 an hour minimum for ALL Early Childcare Education Workers.  Thousands of family child care providers and center based early educators earn poverty wages because of low reimbursement rates. (RMR, SRR). This proposal would call for gradually increase the reimbursement rates over five years to reach the minimum threshold of $15 for every early childcare educator.

Honoring child care providers means providing training opportunities and processes to resolve disputes with third party agencies that sometimes arbitrarily delay or deny payments. It means supporting families by creating stable subsidies that don’t get eliminated when a parent picks up an extra shift at work.

And it also means ensuring that child care providers earn a livable wage of at least $15 an hour that enables them to provide for their own families. Together with child care providers and early educators working in child care centers, we can build a stronger child care system for California families to count on, strengthen our economy, and help parents create better lives for their families.

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