SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 29, 2015

SEIU members and others support better wages for child care workers during a sub-committee hearing and later a rally at the state Capitol in Sacramento, Calif.,  April 29, 2015.

We asked you to email State Legislators and urge them to support the Assembly’s version of the early care and education budget. We are happy to report that because of efforts like yours last week and in the previous months and years, Governor Brown has signed into law the largest new investment in recent history to early care and education of an additional $527 million.

This significant, ongoing investment will create more access to early care education for our children, help stabilize the system and enable both child care workers and the parents we support to lift their families out of poverty.

What does the new budget investment mean for child care workers?

  • $527 Million For Early Education – the largest investment in Child Care yet!
  • Family child care providers will see direct increases to pay rate ceilings.
  • This new funding means that child care center worker employers will now have more funding to keep workers’ pay rising as wages across CA go up.
  • Create an additional 8,877 full day pre-school slots

This victory shows the power in coming together with other child care workers. In coming together, we become stronger in winning improvements that transform our lives and the lives of the children and parents we serve.

Join us in thanking Governor Brown, Speaker Rendon, Pro Tem De Leon, and the Women’s Legislative Caucus for making a significant investment that will help our children, child care workers and the parents we help support to lift their families out of poverty. 

While this victory sends a strong message that California will no longer ignore an achievement gap that divides our kids into haves and have-nots before they even start kindergarten, our work is far from done. We must keep fighting to expand affordable child care until every growing girl and boy has access to a quality early learning experience each deserves, regardless of background.

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