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Update: SB 1420 & AB 2133

AB 2133

This legislation  would have created a formal appeals process with the state for family child care providers when issues come up with your agency that cannot be resolved.

After strengthening the language in the bill to make sure agencies have greater accountability, we consulted with groups who have a vested interest in this issue to try to work through strengthening the language.

Unfortunately, with so many key issues to consider amongst key groups, we did not have enough time to meet the deadlines of the legislature. Therefore, this bill will not be moving forward at this time.

We have a lot of work to do with stakeholders and we must continue to try to win improvements the child care workforce needs.

SB 1420

This bill would have made it state law that ALL child care workers go through an occupational health and safety training. We gained broad support from elected leaders because it ensured that workers like you would be as safe as possible on the job, but due to costs to the state, the bill did not make it through the legislative process as it was.

Because child care workers, parents and allies spoke up, elected leaders have finally begun to be aware of the health and safety issues endured by child care workers. Very few knew the physical toll child care workers bodies take after years of lifting children and constant exposure to germs and stress.

There are still opportunities to make sure child care workers are as healthy as possible while they do the important work of caring for and educating our children.

SEIU has teamed-up with the California Department of Public Health (Occupational Health Branch) to develop a hands-on, interactive, workshop, where child care workers will learn about important health and safety topics, and provide useful tools that child care workers can use to create healthier and safer workplaces.

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