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Child Care Workers Power California’s Economy

This Labor Day, we honor the inspiring women and men who open the path to middle-class opportunity for California.

Child care workers are poverty-busters. Early care and education makes the difference for overcoming the achievement gap. That’s why child care workers are fighting to address an opportunity crisis, where one million of California’s children lack the early care and education they need to succeed in K-12 and later in life.

Child care workers are workforce-builders. Working early in the morning until late at night, they are the support system that working moms and dads count on to keep their kids safe and learning so they can make ends meet. That’s why child care workers are fighting to expand access to quality, affordable early care and education.

Child care workers are like all moms and dads struggling to make ends meet in today’s economy. With thousands earning poverty wages that are below the minimum wage, they’re among the lowest-paid workers in the country.

This year, child care workers fought to strengthen California’s future by opening young minds to the possibilities of learning and enabling both themselves, and the parents they support, to lift their families out of poverty. Their hard work blossomed into a significant on-going investment in early care and education, but’s it’s not enough.

This Labor Day, child care workers pledge to continue to work alongside parents and advocates for early care and education to expand quality, affordable child care until every child has access to what they so righteously deserve. Just as importantly, they will continue to work until every child care worker is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve and that allows them to provide the best care and education possible and move their own families out poverty.


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