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We Challenge Governor Brown to Invest in An Early Education System Worthy of Our Children’s Future

In 2016, a years-long fight by child care workers, parents and allies generated a huge leap forward for our children with significant budget investment in early care and education.  Governor Brown’s budget turns back that progress, and increases pressure on child care providers to leave the early education workforce by delaying promised pay increases even as their costs of care keep rising under California law.

California faces a choice: to continue striving for excellence in early care and education that strengthens our economy and our children’s success, or allowing this progress to stagnate to the detriment of our next generation and our future. California voters sent a strong statement with their support of Proposition 55 that we must put our children first rather than reverse course on K-12 education investment. Early education is crucial for California to make the most of these investments by ensuring children are ready to learn on day one of Kindergarten.

We invite Governor Brown and legislators to join our fight for a child care system that is worthy of our children and parents who need to go to work to support their families.We won’t rest until every growing girl and boy has access to a quality early learning experience each deserves, regardless of background.”

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