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We Challenge President Trump to Aim Higher on Early Education

Millions of children in our nation are locked out of the American Dream before they even start kindergarten because they lack access to early care and education that prepares them to succeed. Millions of working parents live on the edge because they can’t access the child care they need to fully participate in the workforce. Child care workers are forced into poverty or out of business with wages so low they can’t feed their own kids.

Child care workers and parents challenge President Trump to aim higher. Our economy and our future demand every child have access to the American Dream and those who care for them have a pathway out of poverty. Unfortunately, the plan President Trump presented during his campaign would exacerbate the existing inequality by directing more tax breaks to the wealthiest, while failing to expand access to poverty-busting child care for families who need it most.

Parents and early educators throughout California will stand together to fight for a child care system worthy of our children’s dreams. We will fight for a child care system that gives every child access to the early care and education to position them for academic success, that provides every parent access to the care they need to go to work, and that rewards child care workers with wages that reflect the value of their work and allows them to choose a voice through joining together in a union.

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