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Women Are Unstoppable in Creating a Better Future for Our Children, Our Country

Today, women are sending a strong message to the new Administration on Day 1: when women stand together, there’s no standing in our way. When history has called upon women to lead, we’ve risen to the challenges, from the conductors of the underground railroad to the shipyards of World War II.

From leading on foreign battlefields to battling for justice on our Supreme Court – wherever women lead, there is more justice, more equality, more freedom.

There’s no surprise then that a workforce dominated by women – child care and early learning – is the place where women build economic justice by supporting each other in the workforce, and kids gain the skills to start school equal with their peers and gain the knowledge to soar to new heights.

In the streets of our nation today, we’re continuing our fight for economic equality by strengthen the child care system so parents can get to work and provide for their families, all kids can learn and play in an enriching environment, and child care workers can make ends meet and provide the best care.

On this day in our nation, history calls us to lead again and California’s child care workers, moms and powerful women are responding with unprecedented unity and resolve.

We pledge to work together to expand quality, affordable child care until every child has access. Just as importantly, we will continue to work until every child care worker has the dignity of a fair paycheck and the ability to join together and have a voice at work.

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