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Governor Brown: Keep Your Promise; Invest in an Early Education System Worthy of Our Children’s Future

Today, Governor Brown promised to defend California’s economic progress and our values of inclusion and opportunity from threats outside our state. Meanwhile, California is at a crossroads when it comes to early learning that is crucial to building our economy and maintaining our values. California can maintain the promise to invest in an early care and education system that builds our economy and our children’s success, or we can reverse course, at the cost of our next generation and our future. Early educators and parents are committed to the early learning that enables children of all background to not only persevere but thrive.

California’s child care workers are our children’s first teachers – teachers who already work long hours yet remain flexible to accommodate the ever-increasing non-traditional work schedules. And while child care workers are critical to erasing the achievement gap for children, our broken system relegates these brain-builders to living on the brink of poverty themselves.

Child care workers, parents and allies pledge to hold Governor Brown accountable for his promise to ensure that the women who create ladders out of poverty for working moms have a pathway to dignified wages themselves. Together, we must tackle our state and our nation’s growing inequality and identify solutions to make sure every child has access to quality child care regardless of their background and create good jobs for child care workers.

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