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On International Women’s Day, We Call for Accessible Childcare for all Women

Today, as women are banding together in an unprecedented global movement, we must raise our voices to ensure that all women have access to living wages, flexibility and child care. Investment in early care and education is an investment in women, our economy and our children’s success. But the Trump administration’s agenda overlooks middle and working class families and favors wealthy families, and California is falling short by underfunding the state’s child care system.

Child care workers are disproportionately women, particularly women of color, and it’s no coincidence that this work is underpaid, under appreciated and undervalued. Investing in our future means supporting the women who care for our children each day and enabling women to work and provide for their families. Today we call on national and state leaders to stand up for women by standing up for real investments in child care for working and middle class families.

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