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AB 676: 2 hours of prevention… worth years of care.

The work you do as child care providers is hard and demanding. You alone understand how hard it is on your bodies and your overall health. A back injury can force you to lose days of work with consequences being much worse if you are a family child care provider.

Such an injury can cause you to close your doors indefinitely with no legal ability to collect workers’ compensation.

However, proposed legislation known as the Child Care Stability and Health Safety Act (AB 676) is set to help change this. AB 676 will equip all child care workers with necessary skills and knowledge needed to prevent serious injuries and keep you healthy and on the job. This legislation would:

  • Ensure that child care workers receive training on occupational safety and health by learning from child care peers how to improve your own health and safety, also benefiting children in your care.
  • Require you to attend a free, one-time, two-hour training on occupational safety and health risks specific to the child care profession. This training will provide information on how to identify and avoid risks from toxic chemicals, illness, stress and physical hazards.
  • Require caregivers to complete this training within four years of when it is first offered.
  • Will also help satisfy the 105 hours of professional growth activities for those who hold Child Development Permits, necessary to renew permits.

Ensuring this legislation is signed into law will take hard work. However, it can happen by all of us coming together and speaking up for the important work that we do. Sign up to lend your voice today.

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