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Raising California Together Coalition Joins Black Lives Matter and the Fight for $15 to Combat Poverty, Racism and Violence through Early Learning

Fifty years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shined a light on the insidious and immoral ties that kept our brothers and sisters bound in poverty, walled off from justice, and beleaguered by brutality.

As child care workers and parents united to strengthen early education, our work is at its heart a challenge to the triple threats of racism, economic injustice and systemic violence against communities of color.

Today we stand with the Fight for $15 and Black Lives Matter because when early education is under attack, so too is our progress breaking down the barriers Dr. King named.  When our president proposes taking care from children of color to pay for his wall of hate, it’s time to speak out.

When our brown and black children are starved from early learning, it’s time to organize.  And when a workforce of women of color do our most important work -– caring for our precious children and nourishing their hungry minds — and are still denied the dignity of a living wage, it’s time to take our fight to the powerful in this country.

Together, we are fighting for just wages for women of color; we are fighting for the parents who, with our help, can lift their families out of poverty, and we are fighting for our children’s chance to soar over academic targets, rather than be targets on our streets.

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