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In Fighting Climate Change, Child Care Workers Are Fighting for Our Children’s Future

Child care workers dedicate our lives to ensuring today’s children have a strong tomorrow. Leaving them clean air, clean water and a healthy climate is the reason we’ve joined with millions of people across the nation to speak up and take action for our environment.

The collective power of working moms is undeniable; over the last 100 days, we’ve sent a message that has reverberated across the country — from our neighborhoods to the White House. We took to the streets for the Women’s March on Washington, the Fight For $15 and the Black Lives Matter movement.  In doing so, we’ve challenged a corporate agenda that threatens our families’ pocketbooks, our health, and our children’s future.

A corporation that breaks the law to cheat workers will pump pollution into our back yards and playgrounds.  An administration that sides with corporations against workers will let polluters and discriminators off the hook, too.  That’s why our fights for economic, environmental and racial justice are one and the same.

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