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“Raising California Together” Coalition Proudly Stands with Poor People’s Campaign Revival Demanding Justice for the Oppressed

As we mark fifty years since Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. launched the Poor People’s Campaign and the necessity to unite brothers and sisters bound in poverty to rise up against the evils of racism, economic injustice and systematic violence, child care workers proudly stand with the tens of thousands of people joining the revival to demand justice for the oppressed.

Advocating for quality early education, the right to fair representation through a strong union and access to collective bargaining is at the core of combating the systemic injustices that hurt communities of color, women and children, and prevent our advancement in workplaces and in schools.

Today we stand with the Poor People’s Campaign because when early education and low-wage workers are constantly under attack, so too is our progress breaking down the barriers Dr. King named. We continue Dr. King’s relentless push for not only civil rights but also the human right to justly live and work to support our families and improve our communities.

Only by standing together can working people resist Trump and the CEOs who would deny working people a voice, who disregard women and people of color in their workplaces and the dignity of a living wage, and starve our young people of early learning and a better future. We know now is absolutely the time for a revival and to organize against the powerful oppressors in this country.

Together, we are fighting for just wages for women of color; we are fighting for working families right to a decent living free of poverty; we are fighting for children’s opportunity to quality education at the very start of their lives.

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