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How do you show love to family child care providers this Valentine’s Day?

Say I love you this Valentine’s Day to the 60,000 family child care providers across California who are helping educate and raise our littlest learners

Sign the petition today to support their fight to win collective bargaining rights!

Let us collectively count the ways:

  1. Access to a Union. Child care providers will feel loved and respected when we have access to a union to rebuild our profession and build an economic foundation that California’s children and families can count on.
  2. Livable Wages. Forget buying roses and candy. Childcare providers just want to be able to pay for groceries, gas and updated materials for the children we teach. Even though we are part of the state’s early care and education system, we are excluded from California’s minimum wage, and earn an average of just $4.98 an hour. That leaves us scraping by each month. Child care providers are also not covered by other basic labor laws such as workers compensation or unemployment, much less provided with healthcare benefits or the ability to retire in dignity. A union can change that for us.
  3. Access to Quality Care for All Children. It breaks our hearts when we see infants and toddlers miss out on quality early care and education not to mention what it means to parents who need the care to go work. . As professional educators, early childhood development specialists and parents ourselves, we have the experience and expertise to build a child care system that doesn’t leave children out. But we need a seat at the table. Thought a union.
  4. Training Opportunities. We educate with love, care and years of thoughtful experience. Still, like other working professionals, family child care providers need access to training and professional development to ensure we are helping our children develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Unions help coordinate and develop innovative and creative trainings, bringing members together in an efficient way.
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