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On Child Care Provider Appreciation Day…

On Child Care Provider Appreciation Day, let’s honor the women across California who work to lift families out of poverty, help keep workplaces running and open our children’s eyes to learning opportunities in their earliest years.

Thanks to the long hours put in by family child care providers and early childhood educators many more mothers are able to get to their early shifts at work and pick up extra hours to pay for rent and food. By sharing their skills and gifts of caring for and educating children, family child care providers are expanding our children’s minds, breaking the ties of poverty for the next generation.

So how can we best honor child care providers on this Friday before Mother’s Day? By saying THANKS with:

Training opportunities – Like other working professionals, family child care providers need access to affordable training and professional development to ensure we are helping children of today develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Honorable wages – Providers earn meager wages and often can barely provide for their own families while not being covered by basic labor laws such as minimum wage or workers compensation. Yet, they are responsible for educating and developing children.

Access to a strong union – Unions create paths for women to raise wages, secure affordable healthcare, and ensure a dignified retirement. A union and the right to collectively bargain for California’s child care providers is the only way to fight poverty, achieve better working conditions, and solve racial and economic injustice.

No more excuses – Child care providers have been fighting for a union and a better child care system for all families for over a decade. It’s time that the women and men looking to lead our state prioritize support family child care providers.

Knowledge at the table – As professional educators, early childhood development specialists and parents themselves, child care providers have the experience and expertise to build a child care system that doesn’t leave children out. But we need a seat at the table.

Signing providers’ petition – Stand with family child care providers in their fight to win a union and collective bargaining rights with the state. Not only will this lift an entire workforce of women out of poverty, but also improve the quality of early childhood education and care for children in California

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