The California Child Care System is in Crisis

Young children, their parents, and early educators face a crisis. Parents want a bright future for their children.  They know  the very first years of their children’s lives are critical to their success in school and in life.

But many parents can’t find or afford quality early care and education. Early educators find themselves earning poverty wages and are unable to support their own families, much less afford additional education and training that will enable them to better serve the children in their care.

If California’s leaders are serious about building a better future for all working families, they can’t continue to ignore the cracks in our early education system that divide the next generation into and “haves” and “have-nots” before they start kindergarten. Nor can they let thousands of dedicated, inspiring, early educators be driven out of their profession each year by poverty pay or shut out access to millions of parents who need early education and care to go to work.

Who is Raising California Together?

Raising California Together is a broad coalition of early educators, agencies, parents, clergy and interfaith networks, unions, small businesses, women’s and children’s advocates, community groups, and public health organizations united to press for local, state, and national policy solutions to increase access to quality early care and education.

What we are doing about it

Together, we will create a California where every child has access to early care and education that positions them for academic success and a strong future, where every parent who needs access to go to work can do so and where every early educator is given the tools to provide the best early care and education possible including a good wage that enables them to care for their own families.

That’s why we are standing together and demanding that we lay the groundwork for a strong early education system by:

  • Calling on our state and national leaders to ensure that early educators earn at least $15 an hour.
  • Ensuring that working families have access to affordable, flexible and quality early care and education.
  • Providing affordable training options that will bring professional skills to thousands of early educators  across the state

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